Psalm 75:1 “We give thanks to you, O God, we give thanks, for your name is near; men tell of your wonderful deeds.”

Golden brown turkey, honey baked ham, sweet potatoes covered with brown sugar and marshmallows, sweet cranberry sauce, rolls so hot that the butter instantly melts when it is spread over the softened bread, delicious pumpkin pie coming right out of the oven, football on the television, family jokes, and holiday traditions.  These are some of my favorite things about Thanksgiving.  What are yours?

When we often talk about Thanksgiving our minds and emotions are flooded with the wonder and excitement of an almost magical season.  But, some holidays can also bring sorrow as we reflect some of the hardships that we have faced in the past.  Whether it be financial hardships, the passing away of loved ones, tough times at the workplace etc. all these things can have a negative impact on our special celebratory days.  I know I have faced times in my life where holidays were preceded by news of cancer for loved ones, or the death of a family member.  With all of these things in mind it can be difficult to give thanks.

However, in searching the scriptures, and in finding comfort in the church, we, as a body of believers, can always find reasons to give thanks.  The most important thing we can be thankful for is the cross of Calvary.  Our amazing Savior gave His life that we might have life in Him.  If we are looking for reasons to give thanks we can always look to the empty tomb to see that our Jesus is no longer dead.  He is risen!!!  During uncertain times we know that we can always give thanks to God for keeping us in His grace, especially during the difficult times of life.

Odds are that at some point in time we will face difficult circumstances.  But, we have every reason to rejoice with the Psalmists.  No matter the circumstances we have a wonderful story to tell to the people of our community.  God has continued to be gracious to us in all aspects of our life.

It is my hope for you this Thanksgiving that God will continue to fill you with the tremendous joy of the coming Savior.  God is faithful, and he will continue to pour unending blessings upon our community.  For this we can always be thankful.

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